Modern Javanese Kebaya As A Wedding Dress

Javanese wed dressIn Indonesia, the kebaya is probably found in as many varieties as there are ethnic groups, but what is predominantly understood as the "kebaya" derives from the kebaya as it is known in the Javanese tradition of the elite. While kebaya may be viewed as femininity personified in terms of women's clothing, and designers have indeed raised it to the level of high fashion, artists have often linked it with the Javanese tradition of make-believe. Kebaya is no longer just cover kemben, like in ancient times. Now she was transformed into the fashion trends. The design was not merely a long-sleeved with an accent on the krah folds. Pieces of modern kebaya too short not always limited to the buttocks. In the past, there is no long kebaya pieces because people do not want to cover jarik or batik fabric which is considered as a major fashion. Through innovation in the present, Kebaya grow into major fashion.

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